Welcome to Summerlea Private Staff

At Summerlea we understand how important your little ones are and how precious your home is. We understand why you cannot start your day until you know they are in safe hands.

Our Service

Finding the very best person to help you is what we do. At Summerlea we work hard to ensure we find household staff of high quality and appropriate experience for what you need now, and in the future.

How We Work

After our initial email or phone consultation, we arrange for a home visit to discuss what you need in person. When someone is going to be working in your home, with your family, it is imperative that we get the chemistry right, not just the experience. To do this we need to get to know you a little and understand the setting in which the new person will work.

During this meeting, we will refine the job description with you and put together a plan of action, so you know what to expect. Once we’ve agreed on this we will get to work. It may be that we already have the suitable candidate on our database, in which case we can immediately organise interviews to suit your schedule.

Or if a more thorough search is needed, to find the perfect person, we approach our networks, place strategic adverts, and begin our own interview process for you. While time is always of the essence, the exact length of time to find a suitable candidate varies, in order to find your perfect fit.

What sets us apart

We love meeting families, getting to know them and building up a good solid relationship. There is nothing more satisfying than taking a brief and delivering the candidate who completely hits the spot. Home visits are the vital ingredient to successful partnerships. After all, taking an employee into your household is more personal than an office based employee.

We not only find the candidates for you, but also spend time getting to know them too. This helps us to understand their motivations, aspirations, plans and drivers, so you don’t waste time interviewing candidates who are not right for you in the long-term. It goes without saying that we carefully check all references and qualifications.

This is a very time consuming aspect of the role, and one a busy family like yours could do without. Put your trust in us, you can rest assured we are professional, discreet and personable. If this is the first time you have considered using help at home, we are here to lend an experienced hand, and can guide you through the process to ensure you avoid some of the issues that often occur.

Why we started Summerlea

Summerlea was created with the clear intention of making the hiring and retention of highly suited staff a much more satisfying and successful journey for both families and candidates.

Having been frustrated by the process of hiring nannies and au-pairs for their own households, Rebekah and Tamara set up this agency to offer their clients something different, and more personable.

At Summerlea we spend time with the prospective families at home, to fully understand their requirements. We believe this process is invaluable and can create a far better match of candidate to family. This saves everyone time, money and the emotional upheaval caused when hiring staff who prove to be an unsuitable match.

Over recent years the regulation and legislation that surrounds the hiring of domestic staff has become increasingly complex.

For those hiring household staff for the first time, issues with regards to pensions, liability insurance, first-aid, contracts and salary negotiations can appear quite daunting.

As a Summerlea client, you will also benefit from our range of partnerships with First Aid practitioners, Payroll and HMRC services including pensions, insurance firms, OFSTED registrations, and legal updates to ensure you’re fully aware and up to date.

Keeping you updated

We give you an ongoing update on the progress of our findings, so you can understand where you are with the process. Additionally, we keep you up to date on the various legal aspects of hiring help at home.

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